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Able-Bodied Seaman (AB) – Hydraulic

About the Job

An Able Seaman / Lifeboatman is a Deckhand who is responsible for the work associated with the operation of the dredge, support vessels and project site equipment.

Job Functions:
  • All aspects of line handling on dredge and attending plants
  • Vessel maintenance and housekeeping
  • Chip and paint decks and superstructure of the dredge and attending plant
  • Ensures a clean sanitary environment aboard the vessels
  • Aids as needed, the Captain in checking and inspecting the vessel’s safety equipment.
  • Provides support to the engine room as needed per direction of the Captain and/or the Chief Engineer
  • Assist with work on the pontoon line, submerge line, scow or attending plant
  • Assist with work on the anchors and spud systems
  • Assist with cleaning of the pump and work on the cutter head
  • Present on deck and within communicating distance while onboard self-propelled attending plants where the Captain or Mate is operating the controls
  • Participate in United States Coast Guard inspections as needed
  • Responsible for the safe and timely deployment of survival craft and the evacuation of vessel personnel
  • Follows company and work site safety policies/procedures and commits to an “incident and injury free” work environment
  • USCG Able Bodied Seaman and Lifeboatman endorsement
  • TWIC - Transportation Worker Identification Credential
  • Ability to work 84 hour work week
  • Ability to live aboard vessel for full rotation
  • Ability to understand hand signals and verbal commands in English
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Must be able to tolerate rough seas, vibrations, heat, harsh weather conditions, confined spaces, and high noise levels
  • Work will frequently require individuals to push, pull, bend or stand for long periods of time, and climb ladders that have capacity limits of 300 lbs.
  • Must be able to lift or carry miscellaneous equipment, supplies and parts up to 50 lbs. unassisted

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the schedule and shift look like?

    The schedule is 28/14, 12-hr days.

  • Are there growth opportunities?


    Weeks Marine dredging promotes from within which creates room for growth and allows for opportunities to advance your career.

  • Are there any physical requirements?

    Before you start, you'll need to take a pre-employment physical (USCG 719K) and drug screen. You’ll also need to be able to lift up to 50lbs, endure all weather conditions and rough seas, stand for long periods of time, climb, and tolerate vibrations and high noise levels.

  • What is the pay?

    The pay for our hydraulic dredges consists of competitive base rates plus incentives.

  • What is the culture like?

    Our large-scale projects across North America provide great opportunity for growth, travel and experience, and despite this grand scope, we still offer direct access to leadership and a warm family culture.

Why Weeks

  • We Make a Difference

    Our work impacts people’s lives in countless ways – from environmental protection, to global and domestic infrastructure, to supporting international trade and our economy – all resulting in protecting and maintaining our way of life. In order to make a difference, we embrace challenges, pull together as a team, and use our deep expertise and resources to accomplish things we previously thought impossible. We also complete our work with the highest degree of care and protection for our planet. “When you are doing something that is really impactful to the country, to the people, to the economy, it makes you feel good about your job,” said Alberto Marvarez, Staff Engineer, when asked about what working at Weeks means to him.

  • We Empower People

    Our people have the opportunity to grow their careers in a nurturing environment that rewards hard work and embracing challenges. Individuals have transitioned from the field to management, from laborers to operations, and across businesses as well. Jason Marchioni explains his personal Weeks trajectory, “I started as a tugboat deckhand in 1996 and I worked my way up to become a captain on a vessel. I worked on boats for about seven to eight years, and then I made a transition into the field. Now I'm a Vice President with Weeks Marine and the General Manager of our subsidiary, North American Aggregates.”

  • Diverse Expertise & Settings

    No two projects are the same and this provides a challenging, exciting environment that is ripe for innovation and continuous improvement. At Weeks, you are exposed to a diverse group of people and types of work, spanning from those driving tugboats and steering cranes, working from our new state-of-the-art Cranford, NJ headquarters, or manning our many yards. Weeks has a robust and growing presence in North and South America, and combined with our key subsidiaries, our offices and project locations span along the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Coast, as well as in Canada and Hawaii.

  • Best-in-class Benefits

    Weeks Marine dedicates itself to employee satisfaction by offering competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental, and life-insurance plans, as well as retirement-savings plans. It’s a human environment where people that work at Weeks are respected in all facets of their life, not just as employees in the company – they are seen as people with families, and with valuable contributors within the organization and outside as well.